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Before First Day

Preparation is the key! The first day at Landsdale Early Learning & Enrichment Centre you and your child may have different feelings, from nerves to uncertainty on how your child will adjust in a new environment.

Remember that you and your child have already visited the Centre. We have met you, and your child and
we are familiar with both of you.

Our Educators use the information to help your child through the settling in period.
 The children will soon come to the Centre filled with excitement of meeting their new friends and Educators. It will be there second home and extended family.


      Before Attending Centre

Every child's settling-in period is to make it easier for them here are a few tips:


  • Talk calmly before with your child about what will occur in the Centre

  • Reassure them that they will meet new friends and have fun exciting activities (Eg. Playing with different toys, games, music and painting)

  • Empower them and be positive and upbeat about the new learning adventure they are going to have

  • Short visits before starting will help to acclimatize to the new environment

  • On weekends drive past the Centre to show them so they know the area 

  • Get your child involved by choosing their own personal bag and labeling (So they know it)

First Attendance Day


  • Arrive your child has time to settle in while your present in an calm and paced manner

  • Talk to your child’s educators and communicate anything needed to help your child’s routines go smoother

  • Ensure only one parent is present with your child to make it easier to settle in. Other siblings are welcome once your child is settled and adjusted

  • Your Childs Bag
    In your child’s bag have:
    - Water bottle
    - Changes of clothing
    - Sun screen lotion
    - Hat
    - Include comforitems 
    (Soft toys or personal favorite belongings)


  • When so gently, quietly and quickly after they start engaging with an activity

  • Plan your words!
    Be sure and clear by saying 'goodbye'. Use phrases such as ‘I’m going now’ and ‘I will be back after rest time’. I will see you and leave


  • Be confident, clear and comfortable in the Centre environment and the child will follow  the parents lead. This develops a safe, secure  and trusting relationship

  • If your child is upset, saying goodbye keeps
    the trust factor in place


  • Contact the Centre during the day to check 
    how your child is going

After First Day


  • Read the Centre's day routine 
    (E.g. Sleep times, food and drink, nappy changes etc)


  • Ask the Educators which activities your child enjoyed

  • Talk with the Educators for any advice for home tips

  • Ask if your child made any new friends

  • Talk with your child on the drive home about these so you take interest and engage with your child

  • Collect your child’s belongings
    (Bag, drink bottle, toys and other comfort items)


Soon your child will be happy going to Landsdale Early Learning & Enrichment Childcare Centre

Your  child will have new friends and Educators who enjoy each others company, and it will be there second home and like family 

If you like more information please ask for an information pack.


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