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Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

 Promoting Hygiene, Wellbeing And Healthy Lifestyle

The Centre aims to promote healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and the wellbeing of all children, educators and families.

We also aim to support and provide adequately for children with food allergies, dietary requirements and restrictions and specific cultural and religious practices.

We have an experienced cook here that work all morning to prepare your child with delicious, nutritious, healthy meals.


Food Allergies And Intolerances

Foods are chosen based on the individual needs of children. Whether they are based on likes, dislikes, growth and developmental needs, cultural, religious or their health requirements. Families will be reminded to update this information regularly or as necessary with the Centre.


The Centre is very aware of food allergies and intolerances. All  Educators are highly trained and competent to meet the needs of your child.  

Food Hygiene Practices

 Strict Food Hygiene Practices

A strict high standard of cleanliness, hygiene  health practices are a 'Number 1 Priority' for the Centre occupants health and wellbeing.

We stay up-to-date and are very aware of the Healthy Hygiene Food Safety Practices. All menus are planned strictly in accordance with the Food Safety Plan.

Our Food Program is approved by the WA Department of Health and local Shire Council.


Healthy Educator Role Models

At meal times Educators role model healthy eating habits with the children. They consistently put into practice.

It is encouraged through the daily delivery of our curriculum, alongside staying active, healthy eating, and hygiene as our Number 1 priority.

Parents and families are always encouraged to share recipes with the Centre.

The Centre will also feature them in the 'Weekly Newsletter' so everyone can enjoy them.


Food Habits Start Early

 Food Habits Start Early

We take it as our responsibility to help children attending the service to develop good healthy food habits and attitudes.

By working with families and all educators, we will also positively influence each child’s health, wellness, and good nutrition at home.

Resources are available for families to better educate themselves on the importance of healthy food and better lifestyles.

On a daily basis we ensure children are offered foods and drinks throughout the day that are appropriate to their nutritional and specific dietary requirements.

This is based on written or verbal advice from parents, GP or Diet Specialist and set-out in the child’s Enrolment Form.

If you require more information please contact the Centre.


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