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Landsdale ELE - 37

2 Years - 3 Years

The Big Toddlers room is a place where children are free to play and wonder, they are encouraged to use their imagination and create play with the use of our educational resources.


This is the 2-3 years based room. The room is all about the children learning to play and interact, all while still being in a low ratio for them to receive the care and attention they need at this point in their development.

The main attention and focus in this room is on the children's communication. Our Educators are role modelling this continuously and are encouraging our Big Toddlers to do the same. Interactive mat sessions as well as the use of numeracy and literacy based activities is great for this age and readies all the children for the next step into our Kindy programs.

Toilet training is done very successfully in this room as almost all children are doing this together. What a better way to learn this life skill than by doing it alongside your friends!

We teach the children about self awareness and how our feelings work, also how they can help each other and be kind to each other. The children will start to learn in this room how to o deal with conflict when it arises.The Educators take this as an amazing opportunity throughout the whole day to teach the children how to be respectful to all. 

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