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Centre Philosophy

That providing unconditional love and nurturing, in a safe and family centred environment, is the foundation to developing life-long learning.


Our strong partnerships with children and their parents are formed through reciprocal and respectful relationships, providing a sense of belonging for all at Landsdale Early Learning and Enrichment


Our daily practise is inclusive and respectful of our multicultural society.  We acknowledge the uniqueness of each child in our care.


Children thrive when encouraged to explore and discover in an active learning environment.  They make discoveries for themselves and engage in appropriate risk taking whilst fully supported by a skilled and dedicated teaching team.

That babies require freedom of movement in order to develop core strength, independence and the sense of achievement that develops into capable, strong lifelong learners.


Our passionate Educators are committed to fostering open-mindedness, critical thinking, and problem solving for all children in our care.

Educators are respectful of children and endeavour to provide a curriculum and daily rhythms that are responsive to children’s individual needs.  We also appreciate that children, at times, require solace and time for themselves and we strive to provide spaces conducive to these needs.


We create environments that meet the needs of our unique group.  Our large natural outdoor learning environment provides abundant opportunities for exploration and experiences with natural and open ended materials.

We allow children to unfold naturally.

Our Mission

1.High quality care, education and the environment

2.Staff, Child and Parent growth

3.Raising young Australians incorporating today's Multicultural context


Superior Parent and Child Experiences:

We strive to provide a centre of excellence for our parents and children.  The experience had by both parties is paramount therefore we aim to constantly raise the bar to ensure, this is a fruitful, comfortable and positive experience.  This experience spans the child’s journey at LELE, from enrolling, to the day to day interactions and to the growth and the departure of the child upon them reaching School age.


Quality Care, Education and the Environment:

In order to achieve a centre of excellence, quality care needs to be at the forefront.  From this foundation, learning and development is built through our curriculum.  We are proud of our child centred environment that assists in developing your child through their early years.


A Real Family Environment:

We are privileged to assist in shaping your Children in their early years, we believe that true family values are important.  This means honest, down to earth, can do and simple interactions. 

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