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The website is Australia's online child care portal.

On this website you will find information on different types of child care and how to get assistance with the cost of child care.

You can also search a database to find child care Centre's in your local area. In many cases, you will also be able to find the services' vacancy and fee information.

This site also has information and links to other useful websites about children's health and wellbeing, parenting and family support services.



ACECQA is an independent national authority, based in Sydney. It is guided by a 12 member governing Board whose members were nominated by each state and territory and the Commonwealth. Board members serve three year terms.

As the name suggests, one of ACECQA’s many roles is to educate and inform the wider community about the importance of improving outcomes in children’s education and care. We also provide governments, the sector and families with access to the most current research to ensure NQF policy and service delivery is in line with best practice across the country.


ACECQA guides the implementation of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care nationally and ensures consistency in delivery.



Centrelink offers a range of financial assistance to help with the cost of child care.

  • Child Care Benefit can help you with the cost of approved and registered child care

  • Child Care Rebate can assist with your out-of-pocket expenses for approved child care if you are working, studying or training. To get Child Care Rebate, you must first make a claim for Child Care Benefit

  • Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care Fee Assistance can help you with the cost of child care if you want to re-enter the workforce after having a child and are doing activities such as job search, work or study.

Kidsafe WA

Kidsafe WA is the leading independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries and accidents in Western Australia.

Injuries are the leading cause of death in Australian children aged one to fourteen, accounting for nearly half of all deaths in this age group.

More children die of injury than die of cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined.

Many of these deaths and injuries can be prevented. Kidsafe WA works in the community to educate and inform parents and children on staying safe at home, at play and on the road.


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