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Safety and Security


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 Safety Policies and Procedures

"Safety and Security is the Number 1 Priority in Centre".

Policies on safety are reviewed often to stay current with legislations and regulations.

Educators are informed, educated and assessed often on these policies and procedures.

Educators Nationally Police Checked

All our Educators and staff have:


  • Current Working with Children Check

  • Current National Police Clearance Certificate

Educators Medical Clearance

All Educators have:

  • Current Medical Clearance 

  • Current First Aid Certificate

  • Current Asthma, Anaphylaxis Certificate


 Security Measures

The Centre is fully enclosed and away from main roads. It is surrounded by a 1.85m high brick perimeter wall with 2 large security gates.

Electronic Key Fob Entry Security System

The Centre has a Key Fob Entry Security System at each entrance to ensure everyone is aware of who is in our Centre.

The Centre is electronically secured with only authorized personnel being able to gain entry.

Remote Monitored Security

Our alarm systems are remotely monitored by an external company that take care if any issues arise out of hours.

Regular Centre Risk Assessments

  • Safety and security is the "Number 1" priority throughout the Centre

  • Regular risk assessments for the whole Centre ensures that any possible hazard is dealt with as soon as possible


Emergency Procedure

 Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Emergency evacuation procedures are practised often and families are informed of the procedures upon enrolment

  • The service has a strict policy and procedure on the release of children to only the parent or authorised nominee

  • Child to Educator Ratios are checked constantly throughout the day in the Centre

  • Educators have ready access to fire extinguisher and are acquainted on how to use them

  • Fully stocked emergency evacuation bags are stored in every room

  • First aid kits are located all throughout the Centre for very easy access  

  • The Centre is recognised as a very safe and secure environment 


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